JAPAN Tsunami

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Mr. Masaki Shimanuki, 68, a doctor of Rikuzentakata Hospital, in a makeshift hospital in a community center in one month after the tsunami and earthquake. He was in the hospital when the hospital was hit by the earthquake and tsunami. After the huge shake of the earthquake, he was trying to evacuate a person to the send floor as the hospital's disaster instruction says. When they reached to the second floor, "Tsunami! Go up to the third floor!" someone shouted. When they reached the third floor, he saw tsunami from the window. "It was not a wave. It was a wall of dark water," he said. It was clear that the third floor was not high enough. He ran up to the forth floor. Then, the wall of water hit the hospital with a great shock. The water started to fill up the forth floor where he was and all hospitalized patients were on the bed. The doctors and patients who can move went up to the rooftop. When the water started to go down, he and other doctors went down to the forth floor to save the left bedridden patients. Only bedridden patients who were sleeping on the air mat that prevents them from bedsores were alive floating on the air mat in the water. They brought up only alive patients up to the rooftop. From the rooftop, he saw the town completely under the black water. There were about 100 people on the rooftop. Doctors and nurses tried artificial respiration on the dying patients. It started snowing. It was freezing. They put the disposal diaper around their bodies, and wore plastic bag over the diapers. Next day, all survivors were rescued by the helicopters. Three days after, doctors opened the makeshift hospital in a community center. Dr. Shimanuki, lost everything and lives in a shelter but started working in the makeshift hospital for his patients. "I lost my white doctor coat as well, but I like this jacket what I wear now," he said. "It was in the box of relief supplies to the victims in the shelter. I really appreciate that."